Linde 6h – in english

[caption id="attachment_4453" align="alignright" width="300"]Nice day Nice day[/caption] Swedish is my language. You will find some strange english below but I hope that you can understand the essentials. We are in Lindesberg. Today we will run a 6 hour competition called "Linde 6h". We have slept well on the Town hotel, had a long breakfast, and a lunch before start at 2 o clock. All in all 64 runners will run 1,2,3 or 6 hours and see how far they can run. The track is 1157 meter and we start 543 meter before the lap finish. 36 laps * 1157 + 543 = 42195 meter (The marathon distance) You will get an official time for the marathon distance. After exactly 6 hours we hear a gunshot and stop on the spot. Then they measure where every runner stand on that last lap. During the race we can follow the progress on a big screen that show everything you need. (mer …)