Indoor rowing with the ic.row app

Normally all texts are in swedish. This time I write in english.

ic.row from Indoor collective is a nice app for making rowing more entertaining.
You can download the app to your android/iPhone/iPad device and connect a Concept 2 RowErg rowing machine or a Concept 2 SkiErg.

Training is free. Competing in a race with others has a fee. You can connect ic.row with your Concept 2 training book and get all efforts registered there.

There is one lake and you can row one pre determined route. You see how many meters you have done in this training session. There are gigantic ducks on the same route. You can try to catch up with them and pass them.

One thing that is missing from the app is writing training data to Apple Health.
Ic.row write to the Concept2 logbook. That is good but not enough.
Apple want each training app to only write its own data to Apple Health.
That means the Concept 2 logbook do not write 3rd party data to Apple Health.
The Apple Health data is a personal training hub where you can forward data to any 3rd party training page with the app HealthFit.

What I would like to see in ic.row is more gamification.
That works very well in Zwift and is the reason why i pay for Zwift and do not use other bicycle apps that are free.

Here are some examples of features I think would make ic.row more fun. Apple Game data could be used for the features below.

  • Name the ducks and give them a speed and a color. That gives a bond to the ducks.
  • A list on screen with you and the ducks on the track. How far behind/before they are and their speed.
  • An arch you pass to mark that this is the lap goal.
  • Count down how many meters is left on the lap.
  • Top 10 personal best on one lap the last 90 days.
  • Two named sprints of different length on the lap. Each with top 10 personal best the last 90 days.
  • Count down how far it is left on the sprint. 120 meter to sprint goal.
  • ic.row works with SkiErg too. Separate records for SkiErg and RowErg.
  • A duck that start with you and travel the average speed you did on you best lap.
  • A duck that start with you and travel the average speed you did on you 10th best lap.
  • Select track. The normal track. The normal track reversed. Each have its own top 10 lists.
  • Advance to the next level. Get experience points for each day you start a training.
    For each lap you do. When you place a time on the personal best lists.
    When you complete a new track (reset what is new every 90 days).


  • If the ducks have a sound then you hear them coming closer and closer.

Team Fakta