First long run 2016

20160102-AretsForstaLangpassCome to Slussen for a collective jogg that last the better part of the day. The route is up to 60 Km (37 miles). You can end the workout whenever you want. we follow bus lines and subway lines.


Now it is time to put a note in your calendar at Saturday the 2d January to get a kick start on the running season 2016.
– Do you want a chance to test your limits? Have you never ran more than 15 Km (9 miles) before? Do you want to reach the marathon distance? Do you yearn to run further than marathon and become an ultra runner?

Read more and then show up at start. Run until you are satisfied. We will follow bus- and subway lines, and we have many stops on the way.

Short about the workout

Date: 2016-01-02 (Saturday) (In consideration of the TSM-training on Sunday for those that want to be on both)
Where: Stockholm, Slussen, we meet in the subway station at the exit close to the Katarina elevator.
When: at 8.30.00 (10 min before start there will be a short information)

Course: Up to 60,6 Km, one lap around the northern suburbs of Stockholm.
Speed: You choose. There will be organized groups, see below.
Guide: In the organized groups. If you run in another tempo then you must find your own way.

Registration: No need, this is a workout; but if you want to show your participation please do that on Facebook.
(Coming = I will run, Maybe = I will not come but I want to get all notifications on Facebook about this event)
A couple of days before the event we will check the number of ”I will be there” so we have the right amount of food at the checkpoints.

Free?: Absolutely. No fee.
Can I come??: Yes of course. Bring a good mood. Still unsure? Check out previous years, How it went 2014 and how it went 2013.

Contact: Peter Lembke

This workout was organized the first time in 2007, we have ran this workout eight times, this years event is the 9th. See more at Team Fakta about the history behind this event.

There have been some friendly nagging  that there is no way to pay back. I have during the years got requests for a money bucket, I have found gifts in the car. A group runners have give us goats that are delivered to those that need them. This year Patrik Hernwall have started a charity collection that collect money to Stadsmissionen.

News 2016


  • Run with a guide in a group if you are not sure about the course.
  • The guide also keep the pace and decide the length of the stops.
  • We will have many stops, that time is not included in the average speed.
  • Round off your day when you want, we follow subways, bus lines, train ines.
  • Take this chance to meet experienced runners and get some positive energy in any group you choose, or run solo (see the map below)
  • Choose a slower group if you want to help your fellow runners to exceed their personal long distance records

The calm group (The party group)

  • Speed: 7.15 min/km (11.40 min/mile)
  • The total time before the 7.15-group reach Slussen is about 9 hours inclusive food break. With a start at 8.30 it can be that we are back at 18.00 (6 PM).
  • Guide: Peter Lembke
  • The more who want to be pacer&guide the better, show your interest and contact me.

Middle group

  • Speed 6.45 min/km (10.52 min/mile)
  • Guide:
  • The more who want to be pacer&guide the better, show your interest and contact me.

Snabba gruppen

  • Speed: 6.15 min/km (10.03 min/mile)
  • Guide: Johan Karlbom (Alternativt vilken grupp som helst)
  • The more who want to be pacer&guide the better, show your interest and contact me.

Snabbare gruppen

  • Speed: 5.45 min/km (9.15 min/mile)
  • Guide: Olof Dunsö
  • The more who want to be pacer&guide the better, show your interest and contact me.

Can you be guide/pacer?

Can you be guide/pacer in any of the groups?
As guide you lead the group to the break points and show where the runners can wait for the next group if they want to switch.
Contact me.

Pit stop

It is hard to carry everything you want and need during a long workout.
We have the following pit stops along the route where you can fill up on your stocks, find a toilet, change clothes.

  • Wait means that you can wait here for the next group if you want to.
  • As always, Ulla and Annica organize pit stop 1 and 2. They will close as soon as the 7.15-group have left.
  • All groups should at least visit the places where runners can wait for the next group.

10,Bergshamra,Inside,Yes,No,Toilet – we stop if needed, Restaurant
13,Mörby Centrum,Inside,Yes,Yes,Toilet – Buy supplies, Subway – Mörby centrum
19,Sjöberg,Inside,Yes,No,Toilet – we stop if needed,Kalles restaurant
20,Pit stop 1,Outside,No,Yes,You get hot beverage and snacks – real break,Sjöberg centrum
22,Petrol station,Inside,Yes,Yes,Buy supplies, Toilet – short break,Edsberg
25,Petrol station,Inside,Yes,No,Toilet – We stop if needed,Sollentuna
28,Restaurant,Inside,Yes,No,Toilet – We stop if needed,Akalla
33,MAX,Inside,Yes,Yes,Buy lunch – real break,Barkarby
37,Viksjö centrum,Inside,Yes,No,Toilet – We stop if needed,ICA food store?
41,Pit stop 2,Outside,No,Yes,You get hot beverage and snacks,Lövstavägen (Name of the road)
43,Petrol station,Inside,Yes,No,Buy supplies – We stop if needed,Lövstavägen
45,Petrol station,Inside,Yes,No,Toilet – We stop if needed,Bergslagsplan
51,Mc Donalds,Inside,Yes,Yes,Buy food and drinks – real break,Brommaplan
53,Mc Donalds,Inside,Yes,No,Toilet – We stop if needed,Alvik
60,Mc Donalds,Inside,Yes,-,At the finish there is a Mc Donalds,Slussen

Map and course

The course is from 2012 and corrected to get a meeting point in Mörby centrum, and corrected because OKQ8 have moved from Mörby centrum.
Down here on the map you can get the track to download into your GPS. Visit their home page.

It is always fun to come out on a longer jogg. I look forward to this.

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