How runners survive the winter

20141227-1018441Did you have a good summer as a runner and would like to keep that feeling trough out the winter?
Here are some tips to give you a lovely winter experience.

When summer fades away and the autumn come with chilly winds and darkness, then you can finally start using your luxurious running gear that will give you a comfortable experience.
It is always fun to spoil yourself with something extra nice.

Never ever risk your life. A reflective vest is just a must on EVERY running session even if it is bright outside when you start.
I have found that any vest is good but the ones with a zip in front or a velcro at the side are easier putting on.
Make sure the reflective material is good enough. The years and the washing makes them bad. Reflective vests are very cheap and found in many different kind of stores.

Make sure that others see you in the dark. Dress up in LED lights. It is both decorative and cool, and it will save your life. See example 1 and example 2.


During autumn and winter it can be hard to exactly select the right clothes.
A back pack from Osprey give you possibilities to store your phone, keys, wallet, lunch box, clothes, extra energy, a rain poncho etc.
I have had a lot of brands. The best have always been Osprey and Salomon. And as always, all is in the details. Make sure you can handle all details with gloves on.


For your head, use a knit cap.
GoCoCo have nice products with good quality.
If you have a pony tail then try a knit cap from Stadium.
I have one from GoCoCo that is good, and a bunch of normal knit caps in different thickness.


Socks from GoCoCo can be used all year around.
I recommend a running sock with a short neck and compression sleves to that.
On competitions I try to match all colours to look dressed up.
Socks and sleeves.
I used to have a lot of compression socks but they are hard to use and they press on the toes and soon you have a hole at the toes. Use compression sleeves instead.


For your body, I just say Dobsom R-90. Some of my R90 are more than 15 years old and still in active duty every winter. R90 knows what is needed. You can buy set with jacket and pants or just the jacket + some good winter tights.
Everything is in the details. See the length of the arms, the cuffs over the hands with the hole for the thumb.


The R90 pants have a strap under the knee to give extra space for your knee. Cuffs around the ankles.
R90 pants wear out quicker than the jackets and can be bought separately. They are worth the price.
I always use fluffy clothes. Remember that the best isolator from cold are the air between your layers of clothes. Some run in winter tights instead of pants, that is quite common, I have never tried winter tights.

It seems like you can choose any colour you like, as long as it is black.


Use a shirt in functional material. A good one will keep you dry. You can buy a shirt or ask any serial competitor for a shirt. Many competitions will give you a shirt.


Select a good top
My wife have a lot of brands but the one that she wants more of are the GoCoCo Comfort Sport BH.
It is absolutely the best top there is. With its wide straps it gives no sore spots.


Tights. Just test it if you havn’t. If you run far or have clothes over the tights the I recommend that you avoid tights with a zip pocket on the back. You might get a blister on the lower back.
There are a lot of models. I always use short tights, my wife often use long tights, and there are half long, extra thick, winter tights etc.
The seems to be no limit how much tights can cost but I have noticed during the years that you get what you pay for. These are my wifes favorite tights.


Autumn goes into winter and we finally get some freezing cold air and crisp snow that lights up the darkness.

A balaclava will help you keep the cold away from your neck and face.
Select a model that is thin even if it is really cold. You must be able to breath trough the material, and you must be able to release all the excess heat. I have two models and the thick one is useless. Feel the material before you buy. On really cold days you can add a knit cap on top.


Another tip is to look at the military products from

There are also versions for pony tail. See Run Girl Run.


Gloves. I have a lot of gloves, both normal every day gloves and special running gloves, and I can say that normal gloves often work but when you try running gloves you will feel the difference.
Running gloves are thin but protect your hands way below the freezing point. They take the moist away from your hands and keep them dry. This winter I will try this interesting product.

mitten-2 mittens1

It is colder now, your R90 from the autumn will still give you good comfort if you combine with your reflective vest, gloves and a balaclava. If it gets really cold, just add another R90. I use bigger models to wear on top.

Protect your feet from the cold and your self from falling with the right shoes from Ice Bug.
The spikes are of the best quality and are not fixed, they move a bit just like your teeth. You will get a good grip on snow and clean ice. Since the spikes move then you can also run where there are no snow or ice.
Many models are water reststant, a few models are water proof. I use the water proof model. The reason will be obvious when the snow melts a bit and you run in wet slush. Then you will appreciate the water proof shoes.


I would not recommend those strap on spikes. I tried them 25 years ago and they are constructed the same today. You get spikes but a really bad grip on snow.

You might try tips on Youtube to use screws as spikes. Then buy screws that are manufactured for that use and make sure your shoe do not have a gel or air cushion.

A good tip to make your old running shoes water reststant is to rub them with a candle and use a hairdryer to melt the candle vax. I have tried this with a nightlight and a cab heater. Worked really well.

The winter can not hold its grip for long, spring will try to take over and you will run in wet slush.
Now with your water proof Ice Bugs you can just keep on running and smiling.

With the right gear you will soon see spring and summer again.
Happy running.

Team Fakta