Linde 6h – in english

Nice day
Nice day

Swedish is my language. You will find some strange english below but I hope that you can understand the essentials.

We are in Lindesberg. Today we will run a 6 hour competition called ”Linde 6h”. We have slept well on the Town hotel, had a long breakfast, and a lunch before start at 2 o clock.
All in all 64 runners will run 1,2,3 or 6 hours and see how far they can run. The track is 1157 meter and we start 543 meter before the lap finish.
36 laps * 1157 + 543 = 42195 meter (The marathon distance) You will get an official time for the marathon distance. After exactly 6 hours we hear a gunshot and stop on the spot.
Then they measure where every runner stand on that last lap. During the race we can follow the progress on a big screen that show everything you need.

This is the track
This is the track

We turn up a halv hour before start and get our bib number and chip. Everyone walk to the start and the race starts. I feel that 5.30 min/km (8.51 min/mile) was my tempo today and I manage to keep that tempo with ease.
I drink half a cup still warm Coca Cola every 3 Km (2 miles). The track is rectangular, one long side have headwind, ca 7 meter/second, the short side have a hot uphill with gravel.
The other long side are wind protected and very fast to run with nice pavement. Last short side is a downhill with setts.

Before start
Before start

I have no problems the two first hours. I can keep the tempo, I manage my energy intake and I keep myself cool with a sponge that I refresh at the water station (The bucket). When the water evaporates you cool down.
It is of uttermost importance during the race to be kind to your body and preserve energy. The secret is to relax, live here and now, and in every second select the most optimal tempo and running style.
In this part of the race I prepare mentally for the 2.30-3.00 hour crisis. In a marathon race where the tempo is higher and the refresh stations are further apart there is a high risk at this time in the race when the body run out of glycogen and really have to depend on the body fat.

Kristina and Ulla
Kristina and Ulla

I got no crisis and can continue in the same pace. I constantly work with navigating to the best lane, keep an eye on the GPS to get the pace, change the running style for head wind, uphill, quick pavement, gravel, setts, downhill.
I keep on with regular energy intakes and keep the clothes moist to manage the warm weather. I chat and cheer with the other runners I pass or are passed by.
Above all this I have a greater goal to manage the marathon distance at 4 hours. The reason is that I then have 42 Km (26 miles) and that gives me a really good opportunity to strike at 60 Km.

Ulla and Annica
Ulla and Annica

I can not just let go of all control and rush for that goal. This must be achieved within the framework I have.
I got 4.00.38 hours on the marathon distance and now I have the golden opportunity that I have worked for, to reach 60 Km.

Just after the marathon distance I have to mentally prepare for the 4.30-5.15 crisis. I have noticed that I get at dip when I have ran in a high pace and have long left to run.
Today the dip came already after 4.15 hours, now it is hard. I can not let myself do things like walking.

I push myself forward, I have to relax even more and also enjoy the moment even more.
4.53 hours and I pass 50 Km.

Peter adds a lap
Peter adds a lap

At 5.00 hours I have almost 51 Km but realize that with the current tempo I will stop just before 60 Km. I have to do something. I must increase my capacity with 10%.
Now it is time to activate my last trump card. If you do this too early you might loose control, but now it was time. I started the MP3 player and heard March from the River Kwai.

I perk up, the pain in my legs gets manageable, I feel the strength from the music, this can actually work.
When Aerosmith start to sing I start to hiss, my eyes get blurry and salt tears find their way down the cheeks.
It is impossible to feel any better than this. I am so happy.

Annica by the support station
Annica by the support station

By 55 Km I have 40 minutes left of the competition to manage 60 Km. I put together an agreement with myself that if I keep my running together another five laps then I do not have to run any more.
With two laps to go I increase the speed another notch. I know that my personal record is close but still out of reach. If I manage these two laps then I will rest and eat candy.
I check in my last lap after 5.58 hours, look at the screen and see 60720 meter. Enough is enough, I will not manage another 700 meter in two minutes.
What a wonderful journey I had today.

All five in the team fought well and we finished the day at Café Oscar with ”pytt i panna” and a glas of wine, and a lot of water.

  • Ove did a great work today as supporter, equipment manager, photographer, collocutor, and a rock to lean on when things go bad.
  • My wife Ulla did her 89th marathon today. 5.54.51 hours.
  • Kristina had a hard fight today and did 44,67 Km
  • Annica had the worst preparations and the best result with a personal best!! 47,84 Km.
  • Peter did his second best 6-timmars at 60,72 Km.


Team Fakta